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Kelowna Wedding Flowers

A wedding is an auspicious ceremony to celebrate the marriage of a couple. A gathering where friends and relatives join the happy couple as they vow to begin a new life together. The preparations for this day are undoubtedly a careful process. Each wedding planner strives to make his event outstanding, the talk of the town. It's not the cake or the great food that will be remembered, but all the other little details that will make your wedding as unique and memorable for your guests as it will be for you.

Earlier everything in the ceremony had to be matching. The bride's bouquet, the bridesmaids' flowers, the boutonnieres, the centerpieces, etc all had to sync with each other. Lately the trend is to maintain individuality in each and every aspect of the wedding setting.
Like most things, wedding flowers too follow trends. Therefore now individuality is preferred above the conventional style. In some cases, each bridesmaid has a different bouquet.

Colorful blossoms are set in contrast with traditional white, to serve the demand for variety and change these days. Powerful and bold flower arrangements have taken over the traditional romantic look that was generally set in weddings. These days, aesthetic single color flower arrangements have replaced the traditional delicate mixes of varied color flowers. Additional accessories like laces, ribbons, pearls, etc when arranged with the flower add on to make an outstanding striking statement.

Planning for wedding flowers can be a lot of fun for bridal party who might come up with innovative ideas that you might not have thought about. The cascade bouquets continue to be the popular demand for brides. Carefully picked blooms are arranged in an artistic flow, perfect to suit the bride's dress. The table décor is also a very important aspect that determines the final beauty of the setting. The containers that hold the flowers, the candles that surround them are also gaining importance in the wedding floral arrangements.

Be it a big budgeted event or small, flowers have the potential to make a big design statement. Flowers of all varieties are being used to enhance the special day in many non â€" traditional ways too. They are being used as welcome gifts or as thank you gifts for the guests. They are also used as floating arrangements in ponds or pools. They are also used as accessories for the bride's hair.

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